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Troop 265 is in its 43rd year of operation and is chartered by Lamb of God Lutheran Church, Flower Mound Texas. At this time, the troop has 55 registered scouts and has produced over 96 Eagle scouts.

We meet every Monday (except Mondays following the monthly campout), at Lamb of God Lutheran Church, 1401 Crosstimbers Road, Flower Mound, TX 75028. For more information, or to schedule a visit, please use the Contact Us link on the left.

Bartle Summer Camp -NEW Information

Posted on Oct 30 2014 - 11:22pm

We now have our dates and camp assigned.  We did not get all our first choices, but we did get one important one- we will be at Camp LoneStar in 2015!  Within Lonestar we are assigned to the Kick-a-poo site.

The biggest change is the date.  We have been assigned Session 4 - July 6th-16th, and we will be leaving on July 5th.  One great thing about getting 4th session is that it should not conflict with Summer Band Camp, which has been an issue for many in years past with Session 5.

Please let me know if the new date is a problem, hopefully it won't be.  Also, if you have not already signed up on the website, please do so.  We only have so many spots and they are going quickly.

 Register here.

Lastly, please make certain that you have the $50 deposit in your Scout account.  Our next payment date will be in February (1/2 down).

Merit Badge College Registration

Posted on Oct 24 2014 - 7:44am

It is time to register for Merit Badge College (Jan 10 and 31, 2015).  Slots fill up fast so please try to register by Nov 4th to get your first choice. However you can register through Nov. 29th. For more information  and to sign up click here. Be sure to put your MB selections in the Notes field. Cost is $20.

Brown Sea Junior Leader Training Dec 5 - 7

Posted on Oct 24 2014 - 7:21am

This years Brownsea Junior Leader Training (JLT) will be held at Hills & Hollows over the weekend of Dec 5 - 7. 

This is a great opportunity for Scouts filling leadership roles during the next year to learn some of the leadership skills needed to help them succeed in their position and have a lot of fun doing it.

Please sign up ASAP, so we can submit our numbers.  The deadline is at the beginning of November.

Sign up here


EP Merit Badge

Posted on Oct 22 2014 - 5:20pm
The City of Lewisville is running the Emergency Preparedness merit badge free of charge on Saturday March 14, 2015. As it is an Eagle required and limited to only 30 boys (preference given to those of 1st class and above) It is suggested the boys sign up asap. Here is the website with the required registration link etc...


Highland Games

Posted on Oct 1 2014 - 6:30pm
Nov 07 2014
Nov 09 2014
Camp Tahuaya

It is time again for the Highland Games Competition!

Featuring professional Scottish Highland games weights, hammers, and other gear.  You will compete in fun and challenging Celtic tests of strength, endurance and skill.  Highland Games is both an individual event and a team event for groups of 4-8 participants from Venture Crews, Teams and Troops.at Camp Tahuaya.  Teams choose their participants for each Highland athletic competition.  These competitions are open to all Boy Scouts, Venturers, Explorers and adults.

Kilts will be provided for the participants where necessary.  Units are encouraged to make their own kilts!

Troops, Crews and Varsity Teams can also visit the annual Gathering of the Clans Scottish Festival in Salado, 3 miles south of Camp Tahuaya on the service road.  The Festival runs from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. All participants receive a Camp Tahuaya Highland Games T-Shirt.


There are 2 age classes for youth in all of the events.  “Light Weight” are age 11-14 years, and “Heavy Weight” are 15 and older.”  There is also a Venturers Class, an Adult Class, and an Adult Coed Class. Team and Individual Awards will be given in each class.

Competitions are “Toss” events that go for distance and “throw” events go for height.  Events are Traditional Events with professional Highland Games Equipment, plus several NEW Events.  We add a few Scouting touches for safety in some events, like helmets.


Turning the Caber.  A caber is a 16-20 foot long pole that is tossed end-over-end.  The object is to balance the Caber (pole) vertically over your head, run forward and toss it so that it flips end over end and lands vertically. We use a lighter variant of the 90 to 120 pound logs the Scots use but it’s fun just the same!  Think helmets.

Sheaf Toss.  What’s a Sheaf?  A sheaf is a 16-20 pound bag of hay (10-12 pounds for the light weights).  What do you do with it?  Hurl it straight up into the air over an adjustable crossbar with a pitchfork.  It’s High Jump with pitch forks.  Highest toss wins.

Weight Throws.  Pick up the weight in one hand, sling it from side to side to gain momentum and throw it the farthest … or as far as possible.

Weight Toss.  You’ll stand under an adjustable height crossbar, hold the weight and swing it back and forth between the legs.  On the final swing you bring the weight up in an arc.  Then toss it over the crossbar (we hope).  Highest toss wins.

Clachneart.  It’s a rounded stone and you throw it – like a shot put.  You can spin if you want.  Distance Counts.

Braemar Stone.  What’s a Braemar Stone?  Well, it’s like the Clachneart, except bigger and you can’t move when you toss it (no shot put moves).  Again distance counts.

Hammer Throw.  Now using professional Scottish hammers!  Another throw for distance event.

Farmer’s Walk.  In the farmer’s walk, the competitor picks up two weights, each weighing up to 150 pounds and walks around a series of pylons.  The winner walks the farthest.  We’ll go a little light on the weight: you’ll use hay bales, bulky but not nearly as heavy.  You get the idea…

http://fmtroop265.org/node/4995 - Signup

NOAC 2015

Posted on Sep 24 2014 - 8:53pm

The National Order of the Arrow Conference will be August 3-8, 2015 at Michigan State University. This conference will mark the 100th anniversary of the Order of the Arrow. All arrowmen in attendance will receive a red sash with a white arrow according to their position in the Order of the Arrow (ordeal, brotherhood, vigil honor). Space is very limited so sign up quickly. More details are on the troop calendar at http://www.fmtroop265.org/node/4991. For  general questions please email David Krueger at: Freddie.kruger1@icloud.com.

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